We want Fig to be as flexible and configurable as your heart desires, and to that end we have provided a set of simple-to-use options to make Fig your own.

How to enable these options

<script src="/path/to/fig.min.js"></script>
  'email': '',

As shown above, simply add the option(s) you wish to configure into the dictionary that you pass into the call to fig(). Feel free to view the source for this page for an example of this.


Option Accepted Input Description
animationSpeed string of the format ##s, where ## is a double representing the number of seconds the animation should take Sets the length of the animation that slides the Fig pill into view. Defaults to 0.5s.
color string containing a valid css hex color value Sets the background color of the pill. Defaults to '#0064cd'.
position string of one of the following: 'bottomLeft', 'bottomRight', 'topLeft', 'topRight' Determines the corner that the pill resides in on the page. Defaults to 'bottomRight'.
prompt string value Sets the text to be displayed at the top of the feedback form (shown after clicking on the pill). Defaults to 'How can we help?'.
text string value Sets the text to be displayed on the pill. Defaults to 'Feedback'.